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No More Boring Instructions

Turn any important information into a journey of discovery.

Serious Games Seriously Work

Interested in transforming your orientations to make them more effective and easier to manage?

With LOCI you'll create training that can be shared with anyone and completed on any device, whether they’re employees, contractors, customers or guests, so no one falls through the cracks again.

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Self-guided drills and wayfinding

Based on neurological insights into the brain’s mapping and spatial memory abilities, our virtual navigation training can be used to teach any route.


Video simulations stimulate our mental map and help people memorize their path from point A to point B. Visualizations are reinforced with a map-based quiz that verifies the route has been learned.

  • Asynchronous evacuation drills

  • Last-mile training & orientation

  • Automated content delivery and refresher training

  • Real-time performance insights

  • Proof of compliance

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Interactive microlearning games

Meet the learning needs and expectations of folks today with serious games they can play where and when learning needs to happen.


Highly visual and interactive, microlearning games are proven to be more memorable and engaging than traditional learning methods, ensuring the time and money you spend on giving orientations is effective and long-lasting.

  • Video First

  • Enhance comprehension and recall

  • Automated content delivery and refresher training

  • Real-time performance insights

  • Proof of compliance

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Inclusive and accessible training 

Seamlessly translate your content into multiple languages so your most important messages can be easily understood by anyone. Multilingual support is the key to more accessible and equitable training in the workplace and beyond. 

  • High-quality translation (better than Google!)

  • 20+ Languages available

  • Customize language options based on your audience

  • Increase engagement and understanding

  • Improve customer/employee retention

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Discovery-based learning 

Send people on a journey of discovery with self-guided orientations built around your environment or context.


From scavenger hunt-style games based on your location to gamified instructions and quick-start guides, you can make important knowledge easy to access at the right time and place for your audience. 

  • Quick-start guides

  • Touchless orientations

  • Scenario-based problem solving

  • Verified learning

  • Automated content delivery and refresher training

See how LOCI can work for you.

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