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Introducing Exit Test
an Automated Evacuation & Fire safety O
rientation Training System

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Drills Save Lives.



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But they are expensive

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They are a hassle to schedule

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And still don't address
everyone's safety

This is why we made Exit Test.

An asynchronous drill system that closes your safety gaps and improves your results.

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How It Works

We convert your floor plans and evacuation maps into a 3D digital twin of your environment... generate personalized training videos that virtually orient people to their surroundings.

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Benefits of Exit Test

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Reach everyone you're liable for.

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Train more people in less time.

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Make safety information more accessible.

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Prove you go above and beyond to reduce risk.

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What's Wrong with the Fire Safety Status Quo?

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LOCI combines layers of 
location data to create 
personalized microlearning 
games and orientations that help people feel safe and happy wherever they go.

Costly and time-consuming 
drills and classroom training are largely ineffective because the natural process of forgetting discards up to 80% of what we’re taught in just one day.

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How We Build More Resilient Memories

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Asynchronous training 
delivery supports 
learning when 
attention is optimal.

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games minimize risk 
of distraction and 
increase focus.

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content creates 
strong landmarks in 
your memory.

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is Latin for 'Points of Interest'.

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Hacking The Supercomputer in 
Your Head—Location is the

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Our place-based learning design is inspired by the

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AKA “Memory Palace”.png
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2,500 YEAR OLD

that uses your spatial memory to effectively store and retrieve  information.

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Brain cells that record our location are located in the hippocampus, which is also the part of the brain 
responsible for encoding long-term memories.

LOCI Leverages Your Brain’s Natural Capacity to Store Vast Amounts of Information

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• Neuroscientists estimate that your
  brain is able to store approximately
  2.5 petabytes of information

• 2.5PB = 1 billion songs or 300 million
  hours of television

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Studies using fMRI machines have shown that when we navigate virtual environments our hippocampus reacts as if we’re physically there.

The three scientists who identified the place cells and grid cells that make up the “GPS of the brain” were awarded the Nobel Prize for their discovery in 2014.

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Portion of employees that will remain hybrid post-pandemic.

15 Months

How long most enterprise organizations are behind on drills.


Average increase in fines when training is deemed insufficient.

See how LOCI can work for you.

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