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The LOCI Method

Using the latest in science and technology to deliver effective training that verifiably reduces risk.

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Ancient techniques, high-tech approach.

Risk happens. It’s a natural byproduct of human activity. The LOCI Method is designed to reduce risk by training safer behaviours in the places where risk exists.


Recent discoveries in neuroscience have shown that the brain’s navigational system is connected to memory. Humans have intuitively known this for millennia, connecting information to their physical environment in order to pass on knowledge via oral history. Even today, competitors in the World Memory Championships use "memory palaces" to quickly memorize and recall vast amounts of information. 



Studies have shown that when we connect information to a physical location we can remember more and recall it more easily. This is how LOCI makes your training content more memorable and supports the adoption of safer behaviours. By connecting people to knowledge where and when they need it you can eliminate training gaps, minimize loss and damages, and reduce risk in any environment.



There are thousands of languages spoken worldwide, and millions of households in North America speak a language other than English at home. LOCI’s translation support and human-centered design ensures you can reach people where they are with the messages that matter, regardless of their age, ability, location, device, or language of origin.



Your digitization process has eliminated a lot of paper but not the limitations of paper records. Virtualization is the process of breaking your training data free from the confines of 2-dimensional records so that, for the first time, you can gain insights in real-time. LOCI makes the transition from physical to virtual simple and easy to manage, meaning you can stop updating PDFs and start improving the impact of your training right away. 



Many large organizations struggle to successfully adopt new systems because they can’t spare the internal resources to manage change. LOCI’s training automation solutions give you back your time right away with set-it-and-forget-it features that mean you can focus on the work that gets you closer to your goals. 



There’s no way to prove that someone paid attention to a presentation and, even if they did, studies show they’ll forget most of what they learned in less than a day. With our verifiable learning system, LOCI allows you to prove not only that training happened, but that it was understood. This means you’ll be more than just compliant, you’ll be verifiably safer.

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