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Drills Save Lives.

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But they are expensive.

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They're a hassle to schedule.

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And they still don't address everyone's safety needs.

This is why we made Exit Test.

An asynchronous drill system that makes evacuation training more effective and easier to manage.


Portion of employees that will remain hybrid post-pandemic.

15 Months

How long most enterprise organizations are behind on drills.


Average increase in fines when training is deemed insufficient.

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How much does an evacuation drill actually cost?

Fill in the calculator with your organization's data and discover how much revenue you’re losing with every drill.

# of Drills required per year
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Enter the number of drills your company is required to do each year.
Duration of stopped work
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Enter the amount of time your company stops work for a drill.
# of Total Employees
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Enter the total number of employees that work at this site.
Hourly productivity per employee
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$300/hr is a cross-industry average of employee revenue productivity per year.
If you know your hourly revenue productivity per employee you can enter it here, or use the average to get an estimate.
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Lost revenue per drill
$ 150,000
LOCI can save you thousands.

Facilities Manager

“There's always been a big disconnect with our guests  because we had no way to train them on safety. Now we can share evacuation training with anyone, and it’s based on where they’ll actually be on the property. LOCI has helped
us reduce risk overall by increasing safety awareness
in everyone."

HR Director

“Hypergrowth means continuously onboarding people, it’s hard to keep up. LOCI ensures that everyone gets vital safety training on time and when it’s optimal for them to focus on the content. It helps with retention, too, because people stay where they feel taken care of.“

Fire Chief

"When a large enterprise uses LOCI we get accurate real time records, and at any given moment the majority of people on site have completed their evacuation training. We know with certainty the risk is lower in a place like that.“
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How It Works

We convert your floor plans and evacuation maps into a 3D digital twin of your environment

to generate personalized training videos that virtually orient people to their surroundings.

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Getting Started

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  • Audit people, places and safety processes

  • Gather geographic and architectural source material

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  • Build 3D environment

  • Storyboard content

  • Film evacuation pathways

  • Stakeholder sign-off 

  • Implementation

  • Training insights and performance reporting

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