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Serious games seriously work.

Let’s be honest, no one reads instructions anymore. Gamified learning brings training to life and makes important information easier to learn and remember.


The Future of Orientations

LOCI helps you change behaviour at scale to reduce risk everywhere you’re liable for the wellbeing of others.

Stop playing catch-up on compliance and get ahead with automated training that is 8X more effective than traditional instruction. Eliminate scheduling hassles and prove everyone under your care has the knowledge they need to stay safe.

Automate Accountability

If your training isn’t experiential, almost 80% of your budget is going up in smoke. Ensure your audience is ready for any situation with simulation training that is proven to be more effective and memorable than written or verbal instruction.

Stop Wasting Money

Unlock your training data and get it working for you. LOCI makes keeping people safe more efficient, streamlined and effective no matter who you need to reach. From snapshot overviews to verifiable engagement, you can see who knows what and ensure delivery of the right training at the right time.

Get Actionable Insights


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Find out how you can start reducing risk today.


The LOCI Method

Using the latest in science and technology to deliver effective training that verifiably reduces risk.
Microlearning technology that leverages the brain’s evolutionary capacity for memory.
Training tailored to your context
meets people where they’re at
with the information they need.
Unlock your training data from
static files for actionable insights and more agile risk management.
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Available on any device, in any language to ensure no one falls through the cracks on your watch.
Set it and forget it with smart
scheduling and reminders that ensure your training is always up to date.
See everyone's training status
at a glance and easily prove that training has happened.
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Industries We Serve

LOCI delivers effective and easy-to-manage safety solutions across various industries. From single locations and multi-structure campuses, to transportation systems and marine vessels, LOCI goes everywhere people go to deliver the right safety message at the right time.

Find out if LOCI is right for you.

How much are you willing to pay for complacency?

Preventable emergencies can lead to lost revenue, fines, damaged brand reputation, and even loss of human life. 
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Reducing risk here, there, and everywhere.
Get proactive and change your risk profile with training that covers everyone from employees to contractors and guests. 

Everywhere you’re liable, 
LOCI has you covered.
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Human Error is the #1 Cause of Accidents

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The answer isn't more training, it's better training.