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New York, NY – Tuesday, September 7, 2021– The XR Industry is rallying around WebXR for an all-day free virtual event, the WebXR Business Summit on September 14th, for  decision-makers to elevate their game onto the Immersive Web. The team that produced The Polys – WebXR Awards and the WebXR Developer Summit is back with a program hosted by Samantha Mathews, CEO/CTO of LOCI, featuring a roster of pioneers and business leaders to discuss the next evolution of the Internet.

WebXR delivers Virtual and Augmented Reality experiences on the open web, making it easy for developers to deploy spatial websites to new immersive stereoscopic 3D headsets, while still supporting billions of 2D mobile and desktop browsers. The WebXR Business Summit will focus on the opportunities and economics of this new medium. Mobile devices, social media, and video transformed the web over the past decade, serving billions of people and creating trillions in wealth, and immersive content is what’s next. 

The WebXR Business Summit features luminaries in the space from around the world, including Alban Denoyel, CEO of Sketchfab, which was recently acquired by Epic Games, maker of Unreal Engine and the popular game Fortnite. CEO Artur Sychov of Somnium Space will present live from his WebXR platform, which is establishing a creator economy around NFTs and virtual real-estate. Gabriel Baker, Poly Award Winner for Developer of the Year and Product Manager for Virbela’s FRAME platform, will talk about virtual events for the education, government, and private sectors in a feature interview with Sophia Moshasha. The panels are moderated by and stacked with prominent industry figures including Tony Parisi of Unity Technologies; Alan Smithson of MetaVRse; Timmu Tõke, CEO of popular avatar platform Ready Player Me; Jamie Burke of Outlier Ventures; and Tom Emrich of 8th Wall.  The day will be co-hosted by Julie Smithson, MetaVRse co-founder, XR Women Global Chair, and host of The Polys – WebXR Awards. For a the full agenda and list of speakers participating at the event visit https://webxr.events/event/webxr-business-summit/ 

Now that Apple has declared that support for the W3C’s Device API specification is in development and integrated into  its to-be-released browser engine WebKit, there is a push to make the specification a standard. Dr. June Wang, SVP at Futurewei Technologies Inc., the event’s lead sponsor, will host a panel called “Building Consensus Around Industry Standards” that features Neil Trevitt, President of The Khronos Group, which created the WebGL, GTLF, and OpenXR standards used by WebXR. Another panel will discuss the business implications of initiatives to make the Metaverse interoperable. Special edition extended interviews with W3C’s Dominique Hazaël-Massieux and Neil Trevitt will take a deeper dive into the standards topic helping to provide additional context for the summits.

The 2021 WebXR Summit Series will conclude on October 12th with the WebXR Design Summit, hosted by Kent Bye of the Voices of VR podcast, which will onboard creatives into the spatial and experiential medium. The Summits are streamed live on YouTube, Twitch, LinkedIn, and Facebook, and can be enjoyed as a community through a “Meta-Multiverse” of watch parties in VR Platforms including Frame, VRLand, AltSpaceVR, and ENGAGE. The WebXR Summit Series is sponsored by Futurewei Technologies Inc., and advocates for Open Source, Standardization, and Collaboration within the XR Ecosystem. 

The Polys – WebXR Awards and WebXR Summit Series is produced by Point Cloud Productions: Karen Alexander, Steve Lewis, Sophia Moshasha, Linda Ricci and Julie Smithson and created by Ben Erwin. The 2nd Polys – WebXR Awards ceremony will be held on February 12, 2022, with host Julie Smithson and Virtual Red Carpet host Sophia Moshasha. 


The Polys WebXR Awards and WebXR Summit Series website


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