Introducing: Learn By LOCI

Learn By LOCI is engineered to make you safer and smarter in just 10 minutes!

Each month you can join hosts Joni McKervey, LOCI’s head of communications, and founder-CEO Samantha Mathews, to explore the science and technology that shape our world, our thinking and our safety.

Learn By LOCI hosts Joni McKervey and Samantha Mathews on Zoom recording Episode 1.
Meet your hosts, Joni McKervey and Samantha Mathews

For our first episode we introduce LOCI, what it means, what we do, and how we went from building the Metaverse to building a game engine for safety training.

As any entrepreneur knows, in order to explain your business to anyone you must first be able to explain it to your mom. Listen to our very first episode to hear how that went…

Prefer to listen on the go? Learn By LOCI is also available on these fine streaming platforms:

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