How Does LOCI Improve Your Competitive Advantage?

There are numerous ways LOCI and ISO 45001 certification will create a competitive advantage for an organization.

LOCI enables organizations to implement and prove their worthiness with internationally recognized ISO 45001 certification. 

By implementing LOCI with the aim of achieving certification, the efficiency of staff improves, whilst reducing workplace injuries. This means productivity levels can be improved significantly across the board. This improvement in productivity and general employee safety can have a positive impact on the insurance premiums for an organization. A by-product of this is that work-related insurance claims decrease and further improve the cost of insurance for the business.

Positions an organization as industry leaders

By implementing LOCI to achieve this ISO 45001 Certification an organization will be seen as an elite category of business, and be internationally recognized. It is a level of excellence that is acknowledged worldwide and will help to set them apart from competitors.

Increases trust

By demonstrating that they are actively facilitating continuous improvement of their employees’ morale, safety and performance, it will enable people to trust them and hold them socially accountable for the well-being of staff and guests. Being transparent and promoting their corporate social responsibility efforts can have a huge impact on how the public, their future employees and prospective clients perceive their business.

Lowers insurance premiums

By implementing LOCI systems; such as Safety Check, and achieving ISO 45001 certification, it provides a platform to attract lower insurance premiums as it proves the organization is performing strong due diligence in managing and protecting their people and property.

Improves managerial oversight

LOCI ensures responsibility and ownership lies with safety management personnel or top level management. By having the involvement of top leadership and a clearly communicated process for identifying hazards, their occupational health and safety program is continually improved over time.

Preventative risk and hazard assessment

LOCI helps an organization prevent risks as opposed to reacting to them once they are detected by others. The LOCI Inspection Dashboard provides an ‘early warning system’ to help them spot potential safety gaps in health and safety training before they happen. 

State of the art operational enhancements to safety

The focus is primarily on the employees physical and mental well-being at work as opposed to the quality management of the workplace systems and tools that are used. This is an important factor to recognize when looking to implement LOCI into an organization supported with ISO 45001 certification, as it improves staff morale, which has a significant impact on staff complaints, turnover and retention rates.

ISO 45001 supports the United Nation’s Sustainable Development Goals

ISO 45001 certification

Organizations that are committed to sustainability are increasingly aligning their corporate strategies to the United Nation’s Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs). Accredited certification of ISO 45001, the international occupational health and safety management system, demonstrates an organization’s commitment to ensuring decent work conditions, health, wellbeing and equality practices. For organizations seeking to enhance their ESG (Environmental, Social and Governance) profile, implementation of ISO 45001 and its alignment to the SDGs sends a powerful message to shareholders and stakeholders including employees, that they truly care for their people.

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