Press Kit: GSI deploys at Shandin Hills (San Bernardino School District)

Shandin Hills Middle School took the bold step towards using gaming as a way to drive home germ safe skills to their students. GSI (Germ Scene Investigation) is a fun and engaging teaching (virtual) game that allows students to learn about the germs in their environment. Shandin Hills is the first school in the San Bernardino District to proactively offer their students this type of virtual learning that’s guaranteed to provide students with the right tools to help stop the spread of coronavirus and the confidence to get back to the classroom.

Shandin Hills is a Title 1 school in one of California’s largest Title 1 school districts. Title 1 schools receive federal funding to address unique learning challenges faced by their students, the majority of whom live near or in poverty. These challenges include low literacy rates and low learning engagement, which GSI aims to overcome with its highly visual design and gamified format.


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