Why Perform a Germ Safety and Health Review After COVID-19?

If you are responsible for germ safety, you’re probably tired of hearing about COVID-19 assessments by now.

With people across the country returning to work in the coming months, businesses, building owners, and health and safety managers are under immense pressure to ensure premises are safe to return to.

Whether it is implementing one way systems, hand sanitiser stations, or social distancing between desks, offices and workspaces as we know them are changing. It’s the responsibility of health and safety managers to implement and enforce these changes.

However, with so much focus on COVID-19, there is a risk of less novel, but no less vital, germ safety and health concerns being overlooked. Although COVID-19 is at the forefront of all our minds, the dangers of overlooking health and safety remain.

After many months working from home or on furlough, employees may be out of sync with health and safety rules that were second nature before the crisis. As such, basic but important measures may need reworking or reimplementing.

The most effective way of identifying where there are potential risks or lapses in health and safety remains the same: a comprehensive health and safety audit.

Health and Germ Safety post-COVID

COVID-19 is one of the greatest health crises in recent history. Business owners are rightly concerned and over the last few weeks and months, many have made great efforts to ensure offices and workspaces are COVID-safe, ready for furloughed and home-workers to return.

Governments have published guidelines:
UK, Canada, USA for making workplaces COVID-safe, though they continue to recommend working from home where possible.

Under COVID recommendations, businesses and health and safety managers are expected to identify the need for these COVID specific measures as part of standard risk assessments. But with such immense pressure and focus on COVID, it can be easy to overlook many other risks which feature in the standard British workplace.

Why health and safety audits remain vital

Germ Safe Health and safety audits are a fundamental tool in helping health and safety managers make certain their premises are compliant. An audit closely examines every aspect of a workplace to ensure every Health and Safety Regulation is being met.

Completing a ‘rating document’ as part of a health and safety audit allows you to periodically check your workplace for any non-compliance or health risk to workers. By completing this document, you can easily make comparisons between areas and identify flaws. Regularly carrying out a health and safety audit is best practice, and not only makes it possible to catch risks before they become dangers but also shows a willingness to meet and exceed your health and safety duties.

As discussed above, COVID-19 has introduced a whole host of new concerns and considerations – but the health and safety concerns that were important last year haven’t simply vanished. You must continue to identify and mitigate these risks wherever possible. A health and safety audit, carried out by a competent and qualified third party, makes this task easy and puts your mind at ease.

Why Germ Safety now?

Although COVID remains a high priority, it is actually the perfect time to carry out a Health and Safety Audit. With everyone now highly conscious of the cooperative workplace and how it can impact you, employees are more likely to be engaged in the health and safety process.

With so many people have been out of the office for an extended period, it’s more important than ever before to make sure all systems are running smoothly.

For more information about our Germ Safety System , or to discuss how LOCI can help you, contact us.

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