Tech team’s germ learning game adopted as part of back to school safety

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Los Angeles/Vancouver, August 26, 2021 – Los Angeles/Vancouver based tech company LOCI announces the release of Germ Science Investigation (GSI), a free, accessible tool for students and teachers to help keep them Covid-safe. GSI is an engaging teaching tool that helps students learn about the germs in their environment by playing a game. The game is currently being rolled out in schools and foundations across the United States and Canada. 

As the 4th wave approaches, the inequity of Covid information shouldn’t compromise children’s safety. GSI teaches children ages K-12 science-based facts about coronavirus and how it spreads, and provides teachers and parents with greater confidence about returning to in-person learning. 

LOCI, the tech team behind the game, build safety games for fire and evacuation training. When the pandemic hit, instead of furloughing their developers they redirected efforts to creating a Covid safety game using the same learning format and principles. Like an invisible fire, germs can spread through an environment, and stopping it requires knowing what to do. Cases are rising again and stopping the spread of Covid-19 remains a critical issue.

Gamified learning trains your instincts and builds stronger recall of the facts than traditional forms of instruction. Tools like GSI are especially effective with kids because they are able to learn for themselves, which makes them more motivated to own and share that information. Gamification is the fastest growing trend in the surging eLearning industry* (Business Wire) and is proven to increase learning outcomes several times over written or verbal instruction. 

The pandemic has revealed severe gaps in equity of information, and in the education system. GSI was designed to overcome barriers to information and be accessible to everyone, operating on any web-connected device without collecting any data or requiring any downloads. The game comes in multiple languages to support racialized communities in North America that were hit especially hard during the pandemic. The team is also currently working on adding Indigenous languages.

LOCI Founder & CEO/CTO Samantha Mathews believes that no one should be left behind when it comes to public safety, and that it’s in our collective best interest to provide all people with correct information. “We saw that critical information about safe practices wasn’t reaching everyone. If running out of hospital beds is the only data you have to show your message isn’t working, it’s too late,” stated Mathews. “Information on government sites is often confusing, and things keep changing so information that was shared was going bad. We wanted to create a learning tool that was accessible to all, that was engaging, fun and memorable, and easy to keep current with evolving scientific understanding of the virus.”

One of the first schools adopting GSI as part of their back-to-school planning is Shandon Hills Middle School in San Bernardino, CA. The San Bernardino Unified School District is designated a Title 1 district, serving student populations who face multiple barriers to learning due to poverty. “GSI is so great for my students,” shared Teri Niewoehner, educator at Shandon Hills. “It’s a much more effective way of learning Covid-safe facts. GSI managed to incorporate science, safety and health into an engaging virtual game that informs students of all ages and levels. GSI has successfully gamified safety.”

Of the first Foundations to implement GSI into their programming is Vancouver’s Washington Kids Foundation which supports children and youth by providing a platform to teach lifelong skills through mentorship, sport, mental health, after-school and outreach programming across British Columbia, specifically in underserved communities. Child and Youth Facilitator Jessica Viveriros stated: “We truly are so excited to implement this education tool at our centres. Especially with numbers rising again, our priority is keeping our youth, their families, and our staff healthy. I know this tool will be vital in proper education while breaking down the barriers of language and learning disabilities.” 

PLAY GSI here: on any browser-enabled device.

About LOCI:

LOCI provides enterprise organizations and public spaces with a way to become verifiably safer with fun and instinctual learning games. LOCI is committed to bringing gamified safety to everyone, regardless of environment, age, language, ability or device type, in order to ensure that no one falls through the cracks. LOCI is led by Founder & CEO/CTO Samantha Mathews, whose ground-breaking work with the Spatial Web and Metaverse led her to address some of the biggest issues facing public safety today. Mathews has spoken at SXSW, Stanford, and MIT, and will host the 2021 WebXR Business Summit this fall. 

Awarded the GFEL Educational Innovator 2021 Award, LOCI’s gamified training has led to partnerships in the education and children’s foundation spaces, as well as with Seaspan, one of Canada’s largest shipbuilding companies. LOCI is one of nine companies selected to partner with Sendai City in Japan on their Framework for Disaster Risk Reduction, a program created in support of the UN’s Sustainable Development Goals for 2030.

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