About LOCI

I knew I could make a better evacuation map. One that anyone could learn in under a minute and remember, even in a state of panic. And that's what I did.
Samantha. Founder & CEO LOCI

Founded in 2018, LOCI has its genesis in web-based virtual reality and decentralized, autonomous networks. While developing privacy-protecting solutions for the immersive web, Founder & CEO Samantha Mathews began shifting the company’s focus towards safety, designing and building LOCI’s first safety systems. 

A safety learning Software as a Service (SaaS) platform, LOCI closes crucial gaps in technical learning and removes risk. The delivery methods for training that LOCI has created do not currently exist in the market. As founder and leader, Mathews has a long history in breakthrough tech ventures and steers LOCI toward providing solutions that tap into neuroscience to change human behaviour and provide safety that is accessible to and effective for all people.   

LOCI is a location-centric course creation and learning management system for safety training. The platform enables the generation of content tailored to any environment and delivered in a gamified mobile format, empowering people with stronger recall that can withstand the panic test. 

The LOCI platform offers three systems: Germ Safe, Exit Test and Safety Check. Each system has a unique method of engagement that combines gamification and location-centric content to deliver a more effective training experience. 


LOCI integrates with existing enterprise software systems to create a database of any location, providing a powerful, verifiable informational framework for places that enables better oversight and reduces risk. LOCI’s systems are the connection point where fire safety, property and casualty insurance, enterprise, and physical location meet to make spaces and people safer.

LOCI Leadership

Comprised of thought leaders and industry experts.

Through Mathews’ visionary leadership, LOCI’s neurologically proven training systems are evolving safety and spurring the adoption of verifiable credentials as an alternative to raw data collection. Her innovative approaches to data, privacy and decentralized web systems has led to speaking engagements at Stanford University, Siggraph, Google and SXSW to name a few. Through her participation in the W3C Credentials Community Group and other organizations focused on trust, data and identity, Mathews has dedicated herself to building a healthier, more human digital ecosystem.


An experienced software and systems designer, Mathews has a proven track record of technical innovation in areas of impact such as crowd modeling, live-streaming events, web-based virtual reality, offline networking, interoperability in credentialing for identity and privacy, immersive learning, and safety systems design. 

Our commitment to a diverse and inclusive environment

We are working for a safer, more secure, sustainable and inclusive world.

LOCI is committed to running a 100% anti-racist organization. This applies to our hiring practices and recruitment strategies as well as our day-to-day working environment, which has zero tolerance for discrimination or hate of any kind.


We maintain an open channel of communication for all team members to share resources, get support and engage in productive, respectful discussion about racism, discrimination, equality and justice in our company, community and personal experience.


We believe in working together with groups who are committed to improving existing information and safety standards, protecting workers and centering equity and justice. We regularly collaborate with web and information standards bodies, unions and non-profit organizations in order to bring about growth and change for our industry and global society.


We are dedicated to building human-centric products that ensure our systems’ most vulnerable constituents are seen, accounted for and treated with the utmost care and respect.

Our stated mandates for anti-racist operations are:

  • We support everyone’s personal work to understand their relationship to racism and take individual action. 
  • We create a safe and inclusive working environment for all people. 
  • We engage with our community and industry to repair broken systems that perpetuate oppressive racist power structures and inequalities in our society. 

LOCI’s product design embodies inclusion and accessibility at its core: 

  • Our technology is designed to make essential safety available in rural/remote areas where it is least accessible due to low network connectivity and/or low population density.
  • Our systems translate into multiple languages to broaden the availability of our content to diverse populations in Canada and the United States.
  • Our systems run on any web browser, which means that they can be accessed by any web-enabled device. There is no app download or device upgrade required. 
  • Our system graphics and imagery are designed to provide diverse representation of race, age, gender and ability. 
  • [Pending completion] Our website is ADA/Accessible Canada Act compliant.

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